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Domestic & Commercial Garden Maintenance

We believe that a mixture of both Domestic & Commercial garden/grounds maintenance clients provide a stability to our business that enables us to deliver a value for money, first class service.

Whatever the type of work associated with our clients we complete with equal enthusiasm; so if your Domestic garden is your pride and joy or you are a company with a Commercial site(s) and want to alleviate the task of grounds maintenance - We have a plan for you.

Domestic Customers

We can provide the full spectrum of care required in a private garden. Our services are tailored to the site and the needs of the customer, from simple grass cutting, specialist lawn care and border maintenance to fence repairs, either as a single visit or as a total maintenance package. We specialize in hedge care and can prune or fell trees to order.

Our service includes the facility for specialist lawn treatments both liquid and granular applications, either for one-off situations or regular contracts. We are fully qualified to use both “over the counter” regular and the restricted commercial herbicides and pesticides. So either moles or rodents, moss or dandelions, couch grass or nettle - we have the solution.

Acer Garden Services aims to gain an insight into our customer's wants and needs then work towards creating something that they and we can be proud of. We see every garden as our own and treat them accordingly.

Commercial Clients

Our objectives with Commercial clients is not only to do the best job we can at a reasonable price but also to relieve them of the concerns regarding the care of the site. First impressions count, so a tidy site gives their customers the best introduction to the company.

Tending borders, shrubberies, trees and grassed areas are an essential part of gaining that credibility and confidence from those visitors. Many of our varied customers have specific needs with respect to their grounds maintenance. We are proud to be able to accommodate their requirements using our experience, training and a genuine desire to make it work for them.

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Acer Garden Services, Wilberfoss, York is proud of the quality of work we carry out, judge for yourself by reading what our customers have to say. Read more..

Acer Garden Services
The Company

Acer Garden Services has been trading since 1989 and is still a thriving family owned and run business. We consider it's success to be due to it's trading values of :-

Reliability and service


Our skill base - which not only includes years of experience but also professional qualifications and membership of the Royal Horticultural Society.

Quality work at realistic prices - a desire to complete all works with consideration to the environment and other wildlife factors whilst meeting the needs of our customers.

Being NTPC qualified and fully insured we believe gives our customers confidence in our performance. We are also on Local Authority approved contractor listings. As members of The Royal Horticultural Society, Acer Gardens has access to nearly unlimited technical support - so if we don’t know the answer we certainly know where to find it.

We provide trouble free solutions to both Domestic and Commercial grounds maintenance, be it a small urban garden or large office surrounds, we have the experience and ability to deal with all your gardening needs.

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